To develop a Global Prayer Network of ING employees who commit themselves to pray and intercede for the entire ING Group, pursuing the well-being of all staff as well as the good performance of the company as a whole, being sensitive to the company’s role and responsibilities in society. 


To establish prayer groups at as many ING locations as possible.


Under the umbrella of "Faith at Work" the Christian Networks active within Bank and Insurance hold prayer meetings throughout the week at various locations.


PRaY@ING is active at the following locations:

TRC - Amsterdamse Poort - Wednesday - 12:30

HLW - Amsterdam West - Monday (bi-weekly) / Thursday (bi-weekly) - 12:30

LV - Leeuwarden - Monday - 12:30


Ora et Labora is active at the following locations:

HP - The Hague - Monday - 12:30

DP - Rotterdam - Friday - 12:30


If you want to join one of the groups or wish to start a prayer group at your own location, currently not covered by one of the groups mentioned above, please send us an e-mail through the contact section of this site.


  • PRaY@ING was set up early 2005 based on a vision received at the beginning of that year. It's initial purpose was to start praying for/interceed on behalf of the company and it's employees.
  • In Januari 2007 PRaY@ING connected with Ora et Labora, the prayer group of Insurance, located in The Hague & Rotterdam and the prayer group of Postbank in Leeuwarden. It turned out that our visions where alike.
  • Shortly after the 3 groups got connected, the umbrella network organisation "Faith at Work" was set up to accommodate/initiate a broader range of activities as well as to support the request for formalization of the networks within the company.
  • In the past years prayer-requests have been lodged from a couple of countries outside The Netherlands even though there was no local prayer-group active.