Who we are

PRaY@ING is an informal network for Christians who work at ING and it's various entities.

No official affiliation with ING


PRaY@ING aka Pray at ING stands for

Prayer, Revival and Yield (at ING).

It's activities/aim can shortly be described with three words: 

Intercession, Fellowship & Encouragement


Definition of the above:

Prayersolemn request for help or expression of thanks  addressed to God

Revival: an improvement in the condition, strength or fortunes of someone or something

Yield: produce, generate/provide a result, gain, (financial) return

Intercession: the action of intervening (saying a prayer) on behalf of another.

Fellowship: a group of people meeting to pursue a shared interest or aim

Encourage(ment) give support, confidence or hope to someone


More elaborate:  PRaY@ING is

  • A weekly, interdenominational Lunch Break Prayer Meeting
  • For the benefit of the entire ING Group, Management and Employees in the spiritual, financial and social realms
  • To revive
  • To support/fellowship
  • To aquaint people with Christianity and how that works out in daily (work) life
  • To equip


PRaY@ING is proudly associated with ‘Ora et Labora’ and the “umbrella” organization Faith@Work  (“Geloven in je Werk”). The latter is an inter-confessional platform for ING personnel that live their lives based on their faith.