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Disclaimer | Privacy Statement


This website is an initiative of PRaY@ING, set up by dedicated employees of ING. 

PRaY@ING has no affiliation with ING. It concerns a private initiative. All articles, expressions, etc on this site are to be understood in this context. 

By using this website you declare to agree to the terms and conditions below and to be informed about our privacy statement.

The information on this site has been compiled with utmost care. However, PRaY@ING cannot guarantee that the information on this site will always be complete and correct.  In case you encounter anomalies or errors on this website, we'd appreciate it if you would inform our webmaster via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . PRaY@ING cannot be held liable for possible loss/damage caused by erroneous information on this site. 

Occasionally the information on the site will be altered/edited. This may also result in the alteration of this disclaimer and the terms of delivery and usage of services offered through this site.  Altered terms & conditions apply as soon as they are published on the site. 

 The PRaY@ING website contains links to websites of third parties. Such sites are carefully selected.  PRaY@ING cannot vouch for the availability, content and proper functioning of such sites. 




Privacy Statement


PRaY@ING treats your data strictly confidential. Data will not be provided to third parties, unless PRaY@ING is obliged to do so by law or it proves to be necessary for the delivery of online services requested through this site.

PRaY@ING adheres to the applicable privacy regulations. When you submit your data to us, e.g. when subscribing to our mailing list, these data will be stored. The data will not be released to third partes and will only be used to provide the service requested by you. The file containing your data can, in case deemed necessary, be used to convey broadcast messages directly related to the online services of PRaY@ING. It can also be used for statistical purposes.


Contact form

If you fill out the contact form, your data will be mailed to our office and will be treated confidentially. Depending on the subject of your choice, an appropriate member of PRaY@ING wil be informed accordingly. This person may contact you depending on the nature of the data provided by you. We strongly advise you not to include any sensitive data in the contact form.


This site registers general (anonymous) visitor data, like most frequently visited pages, with the purpose to optimize the lay-out of the website. These data can also be used to place more targeted information on the site, in order to optimize the service of PRaY@ING.


We use cookies to track the frequency of visits to the PRa@ING site, via which links, etc. Cookies zijn small files that are downloaded to your computer when you visit PRaY@ING. These cookies do not contain any personal data. All data gathered by means of coockies remains anonymous.  If so desired, you can disable this functionality. Please check the help file of you browser. If disabled, you can still visit all parts of PRaY@ING.