• PRaY@ING was set up early¬†2005 based on a vision received at the beginning of that year. It's initial purpose was to start praying for/interceed on behalf of the company and it's employees.
  • In Januari 2007¬†PRaY@ING connected with Ora et Labora, the prayer group of Insurance, located in The Hague & Rotterdam and the prayer group of Postbank in Leeuwarden. It turned out that our visions where alike.
  • Shortly after the 3 groups got connected, the umbrella network organisation "Faith at Work" was set up to accommodate/initiate a broader range of activities as well as to support the request for formalization of the networks within the company.
  • In the past years prayer-requests have been lodged from a couple of countries outside The Netherlands even though there was no local prayer-group active.